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Policy and Position

What Mark Believes What Mark Knows

• What Mark Believes: We can have A Better North Carolina
• What Mark Knows: It will take time and sacrifices
• What Mark Believes: Healthcare is important for all
• What Mark Knows: The healthcare cost hinders some people from getting healthcare treatment
• What Mark Believes: State funding for Convention Center East of Interstate 95 is important
• What Mark Knows: Regional economic development is important
• What Mark Believes: Self-driving trucks will take pay checks out of households
• What Mark Knows: The state can manage the introduction and minimize the impact on jobs
• What Mark Believes: Democrats and Republicans can work together in Raleigh
• What Mark Knows: We have to start with the basic value of treating people with respect
• What Mark Believes: The state doesn’t have to lead on all social issues
• What Mark Knows: Organizations, nonprofits and charities have the ability to assist in helping people


Teacher Pay
*Pay teachers the national average
**If we value teachers and their profession, they need to be compensated competitively. Low pay has been a factor in new teachers leaving the profession, which creates teacher shortages, and overwork for those remaining.

Public Education Funding
*Make the NC Education Lottery over and above state funding
**It is true that the NC Education Lottery has but billions of dollars into Public Education since 2006. Unfortunately, the General Assembly didn’t require the funds be over and above the funding levels by the state when implemented. The overall relative funding of Public Education has not increased substantially since the start of the lottery. The General Assembly effectively took out as much money as the NC Education Lottery put into Public Education funding… so today, we are where we started in 2006.


Build a “super convention center”
*Create a “super convention center” east of Interstate 95
**The state needs to be proactive in job creation and regional economic development. The state is large enough to expand the motorsport industry to the eastern part of the state. The venue will provide motorsports, very large outdoor events, and convention services. It will bring economic development and economic hope to the northeast section of North Carolina.

Plan for “self-driving” big trucks
*Manage the introduction of self-driving trucks
**As technology develops, the state needs to work with manufacturers and put in place requirements to know the technology involved and manage the introduction. Starting now will allow the state to manage the jobs lost as a result of self-driving trucks displacing family wage


Let Women Decide
*Give people choices
**I have 2 daughters. I reared them with 3 core values…
1) Have a personal relationship with GOD.
2) Be the best citizen they can be, and
3) Do their best at whatever they attempt.

The Issues
If my daughters became pregnant, I will listen and show respect for their decision on abortion. The decision should be in the hands of the woman, her doctor, her family, and with God. I trust my daughters and all women to exercise their personal freedoms.

Provide Medical Options
*Legalize medical marijuana
**Different people react differently to different medical treatments. Some people have reacted positively to doctor prescribed CBD and marijuana. When a 65-year-old woman gives or a Marine veteran gives you firsthand accounts of the doctor prescribed benefits, you are inclined to believe there are medical alternatives.

Protect gun ownership rights
*Promote responsible gun ownership
**I am a gun owner. Democrats are gun owner. Independents are gun owners. Republicans are gun owners. Gun ownership is a personal freedom and the state should protect that right. Military designed weapons should be limited to the military.