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What makes
Mark H. Robinson


Mark H. Robinson stands out for his unique combination of grassroots activism, unwavering commitment to public service, and a fresh perspective on key issues. A military veteran, Robinson's commitment to fostering inclusivity and bridging divides highlights his dedication to representing all North Carolinians. His background reflects a blend of civic engagement, military service, and a willingness to address both conventional and contemporary challenges, making him a distinctive and dynamic Democratic candidate for the role of Lieutenant Governor for the great state of North Carolina.

Eight of 10 children;

Grew up on a farm in lower Sampson County – Harrells/Ivanhoe First generation of college with siblings


* Mother and Father * Older siblings * Grandparents * Aunts and Uncles * Neighbors * Church * Teachers * Janitors

Sampson County values are instilled
in me

* Respect * Help where you can * Empathy * Honesty * Work


I volunteered in The Great Flood of 1993 for two weeks with the Red Cross in the Saint Louis area

I have two years of experience in law enforcement from
1990 – 1991 at the

Naval Consolidated
Brig Charleston

I have nearly 40 years of business experience through the US Navy, Sikorsky Aircraft, and being an Entrepreneur

I have worked at the Special Operations Command (Tampa, FL), the Pentagon, and on the staffs of General Petraeus (2007-2008), General Austin (2011) – the current Secretary of Defense.  I served two tours of duty in Iraq

• Starting in 2007, I created three scholarships to primarily help first generation Sampson County high school students attend college.  I unselfishly donated tens of thousands of dollars to the cause.

• Still in contact with my first and fifth grade school teachers.

• YACK Cotton Candy (Young Entrepreneurs Cotton Candy) was created to teach three children a work ethic and their parents were not made of money.  After being created, it became a source of contributions to nonprofit organizations.  Since 2010, YACK has donated over $30,000 to charities and nonprofit organizations.  YACK believes in “Changing lives one donation at a time”.

• For over 25 years, I have created and enhanced custom Christmas ornaments for my family.